Precision and consistency are assured through computer-controlled manufacturing. The Super Steel wall panels are fabricated out of 14-gauge galvanized steel with zinc coating for superior durability and longer life. Super Steel's patented "no-weld" gusseted corners permanently bind the top and side flanges together, providing greater support.  Super Steel...nothing dares defy its strength.  Computer precision and reliability are what you can rely on with an Super Steel pool. State-of-the-art technology begins with generating any shape you want and continues with manufacturing the steel panels. Owning an Super Steel pool means having confidence in its strength and performance while enjoying how its beauty accents your home and lifestyle.  Fabricated to rigid engineering specifications, Super Steel panels utilize G235 galvanizing with zinc coating.  Three-ribbed paneling.  Increasing the ribs to 3 per 8-foot gives you 200% greater ribbing strength then conventional panels with only 1 rib per 8-foot section.  "No-weld" gusseted corners.  Using gusseted corners instead of welds gives each panel great strength by permanently binding the top and side flanges together.

The Pool and Spa Depot

Benefits of a vinyl-lined pool often costs less and takes less time than other concrete or plaster pools. In addition, vinyl-lined pools flex more with ground movement, a factor of prime importance in climates with freeze-thaw cycles. In 10 or 15 years, when the family thinks about spicing up the yard with an updated look, an easy-to-install replacement liner with a contemporary pattern will make the pool appear new again. The liner's smooth surface cuts down on maintenance and chemical needs.



The Pools Walls are probably one of the most important key components in a pool.

Face it what good is a pool if the walls can't hold it up. Our walls are made of High density polymer. More importantly, your swimming pool must meet the environmental demands exerted on it.  Factors such as freezing, thawing and unstable soil conditions all must be considered in swimming pool design.  To meet these demands, the polymer pool panel utilizes the time tested parabolic arch for strengthening pool panel sections.  Examples of the parabolic arch can be seen in buildings and bridge construction and most notably in the St. Louis Gateway Arch.  This magnificent structure is a monument to engineering skill and ingenuity.  This arch design is applied to the strengthening features of the polymer pool panel.  Through detailed computer analysis, the concept of intersecting parabolic arches increases the panel strength significantly.  Panel strength combined with proven construction methods assures you, the swimming pool owner, peace of mind . . . for years to come!



 Vinyl Lined Inground Pools 

Composite walls are molded to exacting specifications based on thorough research and engineering. Each panel has uniform rigidity, flatness and strength derived from the strategic placement of ribs. These panels cannot rust, corrode, rot, crack or splinter. In addition, they offer a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel.