The Pool and Spa Depot

​A Marquis Signature hot tub is the ultimate hot tub experience! The moment you first set your eyes on a Marquis you'll be dazzled by the artistry with which it was sculpted – the sinuous, organic styling that threads throughout the body – the river rock footwell, hand-picked from an Oregon river – and the solid, exclusive DuraWood extruded from a hand-honed board. Marquis' eye for detail knows no bounds. A hot tub by Marquis is pure relaxation, connection and therapy – everything you need in one powerful, gorgeous package! It will bring you years of enjoyment and enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being. If you are an athlete, have sore muscles, want to relax, sleep better or are just seeking escape from the mandane.

•High-flow, low pressure jets drive heat deep into muscles without blasting you out of the hot tub bringing relief without pressure.
•You can control the direction and intensity of the jets to focus on precise areas of need.
•The footwell therapy system (including Geyser jets) takes on your aching feet and calves while a myriad of jets soothe your neck, shoulders, arms, back, thighs, calves and even my wrists.
•Dual-speed pumps allow you to choose a soothing slow-speed, invigorating high-speed, or a relaxing soak massage.
•HK™ 40 jets are clustered into High Output Therapy (H.O.T.) Zones to provide concentrated, penetrating massage shoulders, lumbar, feet and pillar zones.
•H.O.T. Zone pillar jets allow you to isolate areas of the body such as chest, arms and front of thighs to bring relief to those muscle groups.
•River rock reflexology footwell naturally massages your feet.


Benefits of Marquis spas over the competition: Permanent home improvement that can be customized to compliment your home and your lifestyle. Proven product with factory controlled quality. Smooth finish means no skin abrasions. Non-porous surface resists the problems associated with imbalanced water chemistry, requiring less chemical maintenance, labor, and electric and is algae resistant. Perfect for all residential applications. All spa styles offer stainless steel jets, ozonator, maintenance free exterior, built-in water features, LED lighting, marine grade exterior spa covers.



​Celebrity Hot Tubs are designed with therapy, ease of ownership and just plain fun in mind. Celebrate your life with a Celebrity Hot Tub! Celebrity’s standard features provide everything you need in one fantastic package. Packed with solid-state, energy-efficient equipment, relaxation is a sure thing. Add a little celebrity status to your lifestyle with a Celebrity Hot Tub™. Whether you want to relax alone, catch up with the kids, romance your love or party the night away, a Celebrity Hot Tub is the place to be. Quality built and designed to perform, your Celebrity Hot Tub will play a leading role in your life, encore after encore. Celebrate, and drop in for