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Nordic Hot Tubs


​For a lot of years the quintessential joy of hot tubbing was stress relieving, quiet, private and therapeutic moments away from the daily grind. A lot of manufacturers have strayed away from the basics of hot tubbing offering TV's, DVD systems, over a hundred jets etc. What happened to the quiet, private and therapeutic hot tub time? Nordic has not wavered in its focus on Simplicity.

​Nordic understands the buyers desire to feel better when using a hot tub. Every Nordic hot tub offers superior Whirlpool Therapy. Nordic is proud to lead the industry in Therapeutic Spas for the home.

Bells and whistles  can drive up costs. Many features are added to grab attention in the showroom but glitzy features rarely add function. Nordic uses polyethylene shells which are proven to be more durable. Nordic offers one of the most affordable line of spas without sacrificing quality.

Throughout its history Nordic has always strived to built a quality, highly reliable product. Every component used in Nordic's spas is a proven industry leader! In fact, they use the same components found in spas costing two to three times more than Nordic Spas.